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The Summner Concert Series is presented by Advice to the Players (ATTP)



June27th  (7:30 PM)

Summer Concert - Noelle Beaudin, piano and Audrey Buddington, violin -  Celtic and Classical

July 11th  (7:30 PM)

Summer concert - Trish Jackson - pop and jazz vocals accompanied by David Young, bass

July 13th (5 - 7PM)

Gallery Walk

July 18th  (7:30 PM)

Summer Concert -The Lakeview Chamber Players - classical

July 25th  (7:30 PM)

Summer Concert - Griff O’Brien - Original piano compositions

August 1st  (7:30 PM)

Summer Concert - Ingrid Husemoller, violin - classical

August 8th  (7:30 PM)

Summer Concert - Matt O’Dell, piano - classical

August 15th  (7:30 PM))

Summer Concert - Johnny Segalla - vocalist, Andrew Morrissey, piano

August 17th (5-7 PM)

Gallery Walk

August 22nd  (7:30 PM)

Summer Concert - String Equinox - Shana Aisenberg and Beverly Woods on a large variety of instrumen

August 29th (7:30 PM)

Summer concert - Hazard and Heimlich - val, guitar, banjo

Gallery WalksSeveral years ago The Sandwich  Home Industries, Patricia Ladd Carega Gallery and Surroundings Art Gallery got together with the Corner House Inn to create an evening of culture and cuisine.  The galleries are open after hours from 5 to 7 p.m.  A visit to each gallery entitles you to a discount at the Corner House Inn.  Stroll the streets of Sandwich, see what is going on in the art world and enjoy music (Friday evenings in the Pub) and great food afterwards.

Wednesday Night Concert Series:  The Wednesday Night Concerts were initiated by Surroundings Art Gallery in 2008 and they continue under the sponsorship of Advice to the Players.  The “recitals” are informal social events for those in the area to be able to hear some highly talented locally connected musicians. 


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