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7174 Squam View in July

7253 Vibrant Colors

We invite you to browse through the artists and their art we are proud to display at Surroundings Art Gallery.  Select an artist from the menu at left for a brief biography of the artist and a sample of their work that is displayed at the Gallery.  If you would like to purchase a piece of art or receive email notifications about a specific artist, please let us know by filling out the convenient form located on our Contact Us page.

All of the paintings are framed unless specified otherwise.  The size provided is approximately the actual painting size.  The framed size will be somewhat larger depending upon the matting and frame.  We will be pleased to provide the framed size and a picture of the framed painting if you have an interest.

We are able to ship via UPS or USPS anywhere inside or outside of  the United States.  The cost of shipping and handling will be added to the cost of the painting.

We can also customize a layaway plan for those who desire it. 

7534 Peak Season

Robert Gordon

Below is a list of the artists and the media they use for art displayed at Surroundings.


Woolsey Conover
Robert Gordon
Celia Judge
Ann Musto
Ted Nichols
Cam Sinclair
Mimi Wiggin



Terri Brooks
Leigh English
Celia Judge
Mimzie Uhler



Terri Brooks
Celia Judge
Sherry Lively

Folk Art

Kara Westfall


Stained Glass

Terry Zigmund

Surroundings Gift Certificates:   If you want to give art as a special gift to someone, but are unsure of their taste in art, Surroundings has the answer.  Purchase a Surroundings Gift Certificate in any amount and then enjoy seeing what they choose.

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